How to Reopen a Closed Tab and window on Chrome?

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Most of the browsers out there have the function of restoring browser windows and tabs if they get closed by accident. Additionally, you may also require to open a particular page after a few days. This feature is very handy and its presence in the browsers has made the browsing experience even better. For those of you who do not know how to reopen a closed tab or window on chrome, don’t worry. It is a very easy process.   

Procedure to Reopen Closed Window and Tabs on Chrome

In Chrome, the process to reopen closed windows is very easy. The users just have to do a right-click on a blank spot on the browser or on a tab and click on the option of “Reopen closed tab”. You can also use the keyboard and press the keys of T + Shift + Ctrl simultaneously. This will open the context menu, on which the option of “Reopen closed tab” will be located. 

Chrome reopen closed window in chronological order. This means that the last closed tab will be opened first, then the tab before it, so on and so forth. You must not get confused with the option of “reopen closed window” and “reopen closed tab”. In the context of Chrome, they are the same thing. However, you will not see these options at a single time. 

This works sometimes, but when it comes to opening tabs that have been closed a long time ago, this is not the ideal solution. There is another option that is used by chrome to open the closed tabs. For that, you have to go to the “Menu”. After that, you have to select the option of “History”. Within the list of “History”, you will be able to see the last eight closed windows and tabs. 

These tabs will be listed with their names. The windows will be listed with their names and the number of tabs they have. To open recently closed windows or tabs, you just have to click on them. If you want to access the full history of Chrome, then you have to go to the option of “Menu”. After that, you have to click on “History”. Within this History option, you will see another option listed as “History”, and you have to click on that. The list that will appear contains all the windows that you can restore. Click on the name of the window you want to open. This is how to reopen a closed window.

However, if the windows you are looking for is not in here, then there is nothing you can do to restore it.     


The process of “how to open closed tabs or windows on chrome?” is a good feature. It comes in handy when you want to “reopen closed window chrome”. However, with all its features, it has its limitations. If you are going to reopen a closed window on chrome and that Window was opened a long time ago, then there might be a possibility that it will not appear on the list of “history”. This happens, because the pages that you have opened after that will push that page further down and ultimately out of the list. History of Chrome is able to record only a limited number of old tabs and windows.  

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